​New beginnings! Day 1!

And here we go. It’s finally the first day of internship. As I put on the white coat and stand in front of the mirror, I feel a mix of joy and fear. The perfectly tailored brand new white coat suddenly  seem to be a misfit on me. My stethoscope bid adieu to its old home- the coat pocket and reluctantly took on its place- around my neck. I look at myself and smile- to ensure I am completely set. Hmm..the person I see in front of me is a less than perfect doctor. Yet she is here to learn and become the best of what her Lord has proposed her to be. She is set out to learn as much as possible to equip her for the work that will be entrusted to her later. With that thought here I step out- into the humongous healthcare hemisphere.


Nothing but a recipient of Christ's grace. I am a young doctor and I use this space to find meaning in the bedlam of my thoughts. My blog might resonate with the screams of a young adult finding her place in life, the stench of hospital corridors, images of the many people who intrigue me and the lessons my Saviour Jesus teaches me.

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