ODC: a life redefining trip!

​There are certain conversations we have with Christ. No words would have come forth from our lips in prayer; no time would have been spent on knees; no tears shed.  We belittle these conversations with the tag “wishes” and stow them away in some silent corner of our hearts. In second year of college, I wished  to visit CFH, ODDANCHATRAM. But my wish was easily trampled by the mammoth of studies and the frolic of college life. Towards the end of final year, as God was dusting up my heart, I rediscovered my wish-stash. Visiting ODC after final exams- it was no longer a wish; it had metamorphosed into a deep desire, a need you cannot fathom; a prayer request.  It was a quest- for certitude that true Christian doctors are not a myth(yup,unfortunately after 4.5 years in my college, I wasn’t very convinced) ;  for assurance of my calling; for healing of some deep wounds; and for clarity about  life. Yet after the difficult crusade through the exam rigmarole, I was tired and doubtful. Following  lot of confusion, difficulties in convincing parents and mental dilemma ,I finally submitted it completely to God’s will. And he sure didn’t disappoint me! Everything, from permission, travel, health,  familiar company to weather was  magnificently arranged . Providence was at His best! And thus myself and 11 friends arrived at ODC in the early hours of a May morning. As we stood with our  bags outside the hospital gate, staring at the writing, “WE TREAT, GOD HEALS”, we were  absolutely unprepared for the colossal life lessons coming our way.   There was an unfathomable familiarity  in the unfamiliar settings around us. Love was truly in the air!! Even the trees and the buildings seemed to echo it. The love of Christ and the lives of the people around us seemed so intertwined that it seemed impossible to unbraid . Being a Christian is not some separate facet  of the life of the doctors at ODC. It isn’t confined to church, bible studies or during conversations with other believers. It is the basic skeleton of all they do- they live the gospel more than preaching it. Their exuberance and passion for the Lord and the work He has called them for, will touch you deeply. We met people who gave up the lucrative call of luxury  to follow the Lord’s  calling and they testified, with faces reflecting rhapsody, that they have no regrets. It was wonderful to see how God had provided for them and it was an assurance that he is capable of leading me and my generation too. We were also blessed by the Inner Healing Ministry, a true spiritual Band-Aid. Now, at ODC, there are many ways to grow in the Lord everyday-the morning chapel service(the focal point from which the whole hospital staff diverge out to their work points), weekly bible study, junior doctors fellowship (JDF).. or just stop and talk. Almost everyone has a story to make you praise God! I was really humbled by a sister in Christ, who was so joyfully baking a cake exclusively for the workers in the mess, because  she felt they were working really hard and deserved it. This was Christ’s love in action. This was again exemplified by the way homes were open to all. In this world, which is shrinking into the quadrants of personal space and privacy,here were people more than glad to open doors to strangers. Being happy to have people you barely know stationed in your living room, helping themselves to all your stuff, cooking in your kitchen, sharing dinner with you every other day, doing your dishes, taking up all your personal space and time.. these may have remained  utopian ideas if I had not seen it happen. It was a statement-“ We are one in the family of Christ. I’ve enjoyed the love of Christ. All I do for you, is an expression of the love I’ve received; the love I want you to share with many others.” Talking -about Christ, problems that we face in our everyday life with Christ, silly confusions, deep biblical concepts  or dark personal drama- even up to 1Am was done with so much zest and care. And slowly I figured the familiarity about the place- it was feeling of being home. We had discovered some amazing members of our large Family of Christ. We were able to understand more about how we could be useful to God’s Kingdom building as doctors.  And yes, not only did I get my assurance that REAL Christian doctors do exist but also realised that many more are needed! I came back home, blessed with a new family, spiritually healed, assured of my calling and the simple knowledge-may be clarity in this life is bogus. Even though I don’t see the whole picture of my life now, I need to move on, with faith that my God is in control and all I need is light enough for each step. And when I have sailed through life on the boat of faith, I shall meet clarity on the shores of eternity. Praise God for our ODC saga-the lessons and the healing-and hopefully many more will be blessed by His wonderful work in that miniature Ecclesia.


Nothing but a recipient of Christ's grace. I am a young doctor and I use this space to find meaning in the bedlam of my thoughts. My blog might resonate with the screams of a young adult finding her place in life, the stench of hospital corridors, images of the many people who intrigue me and the lessons my Saviour Jesus teaches me.

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