The wedding trip!

My good friend from school, Jino got married on 30th December. The wedding ceremony was at Nagarcoil. Since this is a very close friend of mine, I wanted to attend the wedding. But the long journey on my own seemed so scary that I didn’t even think about it for a long time. Then I reached a point where I was almost sure I wanted to go but then I wasn’t willing to go through the trouble of  planning my trip. Everything happened in steps. My friends at Kolenchery were more persistent on sending me and took the initiative on the dress shopping. And finally as days dwindled, I spoke about it at home and surprisingly I got a positive reply. Then came making the actual travel plans. I have never been very fond of train travel. The reason probably is  because I have limited experience (&never alone)or my irrational fear of falling from the train and getting decapitated!(my forensic text had pretty good graphics!). But because train is the easiest way to travel, I finally gave into it-Tripunithra to nagarcoil  by the Banglore-kanyakumari express. Two days before the date of travel, I realised that this uncle from Youth for Christ, Mr.Prabakar, who visits our CMF monthly,hails from nagarcoil. It’s this uncle and my friend Aneena who helped sort the train related issues.
So I reached the railway station by bus from Kolenchery. Took a ticket for the sleeper compartment and was waiting at the station. I decided to inform Prabakar Uncle that I got the ticket. And then he informed me that he was on the same train(had boarded from eranakulam)! He was travelling to meet his father in Nagarcoil a sudden unplanned trip; and uncle didn’t realise I was travelling on that same day. My joy knew no bounds and I kept praising God! So I had company and delicious homely food made by Latha aunty(uncle’s wife) on my journey. Uncle got down with me at the station(he was supposed to get down only at the next station) and helped me get an auto(driver happened to be someone uncle had met the week before!)and asked the driver to take me to my friend’s place safely. I had no words to thank uncle. My only thoughts were, someday I’ll do the same for someone else- let the cycle of goodness go on. That I believe is  the best way to thank any good deed. 

At Jino’s place I was greeted by the beautiful bride-to-be, Deepali, our friend from Bahrain and Jino’s family. Later I met Sam, another classmate of ours and some of jino’s college friends. After some chit chat and a silly evening walk by myself, Deepali and Sam through the streets of Villikuri, we got ready for the evening function. Jino was all decked up well and looking gorgeous! The function was something entirely different from what we have in Kerala and hence it was exciting. 

And the big day! Me and deepali  forced ourselves awake with the thought”OMG!Jino is getting married!!!Aahhh…!!” We all got dressed into our bridesmaids’ sarees and welcomed the beautiful bride. The ceremony, though in Tamil, was short and beautiful. The Tamil traditions were new to us but it was all amusing. Everything went smoothly and it ended with our tummies filled to its joy. 

Bidding farewell was difficult. My joy was that Jino was happy and my prayer is that she will forever remain so and Audrin will be the husband of her dreams. I had met some new people and it was really a pleasure. But the greatest joy was meeting Deepali and Sam. They were people from my past whom I had limited contact with in the last 5 years. I  chided myself for my bad habit of not staying in touch and do hope I can change that. 

Sam had accompanied me to the bus station and gave me company during my wait there. And finally I boarded my bus from Nagarcoil to Eranakulam, the last leg of this small adventure. When I reached back my hostel, I praised God for His providence in abundance- safety, protection, new friends, renewal of old relations, new lessons and most importantly sweet memories to make this the best year end! 

One reason which had prompted me to go was that I would regret it later if I didn’t go. And I’m so glad I went! Praise God for this short adventure which gave me more confidence and a new hope!


    Nothing but a recipient of Christ's grace. I am a young doctor and I use this space to find meaning in the bedlam of my thoughts. My blog might resonate with the screams of a young adult finding her place in life, the stench of hospital corridors, images of the many people who intrigue me and the lessons my Saviour Jesus teaches me.

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