How do you decide what’s best for your life? How do you make a decision that could change the entire course of your story? How do you know if this is what is meant to be? Or what if it isn’t? Do you make a huge leap of faith? Or should we sit back passively and allow time to reveal our stories?

Truly, discernment is a gift. And he who is blessed with it is saved of a lot of turmoil. And Lord, I pray that you grant me the blessing of discernment as I swim through these turbulent waters.


Nothing but a recipient of Christ's grace. I am a young doctor and I use this space to find meaning in the bedlam of my thoughts. My blog might resonate with the screams of a young adult finding her place in life, the stench of hospital corridors, images of the many people who intrigue me and the lessons my Saviour Jesus teaches me.

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