Remembering Memory

“This is going to be an intresting day!” I told myself as I sat in the bus to Kottayam. A movie and then lunch with two really good friends. Definitely worth all the hustle in the bus. I was not disappointed. The movie was good and the food was awesome. But above all that the time spent together was memorable. I thanked God for the great day as I finally managed to find a seat in the busy evening bus. But one face kept coming back. Sometimes some faces stick to your memory. Stick. Like gum. Difficult to remove.They may not have been onstage for long. But our brain had this funny habit of remembering them. These facets of the brain, like many others, are truly intriguing.

Post movie, in the restroom mirror I noticed a few naughty strands of my hair standing up at their own will. As I got about settling them, Angela was updating me on the latest in her life. It was then that we saw her. She would be in her late fifties or even early sixties. Thin but not too frail. pale (she is anemic..the doctor in me noted). She was clad in a simple blue saree. Nothing extra ordinary. She used the restroom and made her way out. The next minute she was back inside. We were still in front of the mirror( my hair apparently is as stubborn as it’s owner). Angela’s stories had not ended either. She stood behind us for a second. And then when we turned, she smiled and asked,”could you please show me the way out as I am a little confused.” Nothing wrong in that. There were two doors outside before the entrance to this restroom. All of us get lost. Some of us often. We offered to show her the way out. But as we showed her through the right door, she still looked confused. “ this not where you came from?”, I asked. “I am not too sure. You see, I have some problems with my memory.So..,” saying that her expressionless eyes looked at me helplessly. Wow! Now thats a fix.

“Are you alone?”

” No. I came with someone…”

And her words trailed off. But just then I saw a man waving towards her. “Oh there he is.”, her eyes echoed a familiarity and relief. She thanked me and moved off towards the man. I returned to find my friends and soon made our way out of the theatre. Just at the entrance, I met her again. I smiled but she didn’t seem to have noticed. She was just standing there. There were few people with her. We got out of the theatre and made our way to the restaurant. But a piece of my mind had strayed and was left thinking of the lady in the blue saree. She was glued to my memory. Stuck.

She was just another face in the crowd. But my thoughts were rattled enough to write about her. And wonder at the wonders of creation. I have stared in awe as I saw the human brain in the dissection hall. There was a chill as I held one in my hand during my anatomy lessons. It was so small. Yet so complicated. Physiology and Neurology had given me a peak at some of its complex mechanisms. It has never failed to amaze me. And when it decides to riot..well, it’s a scare. Memory is just one small function of it. But if it is lost, life becomes so hard. Just imagine not being able to recall who you are! Unfortunately,many people go through it on a daily basis. I wanted to run away from the room when I  sat with my uncle for his appointment with the Neuropsycologist before a planned craniotomy. Watching  him struggle to remember made me want to forget about that day. Thought provoking isn’t it? Sometimes we try our best to forget. Others try but cannot remember. Well, if you woke up today wondering “why is nothing amazing happening in my life?”, just like I did; you have something to be thankful for!

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Nothing but a recipient of Christ's grace. I am a young doctor and I use this space to find meaning in the bedlam of my thoughts. My blog might resonate with the screams of a young adult finding her place in life, the stench of hospital corridors, images of the many people who intrigue me and the lessons my Saviour Jesus teaches me.

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