Killing Time

“Terrible traffic! I will need another twenty minutes to reach”, I rolled my eyes as I read her text. This would imply that my wait of five minutes would now extend to nearly thirty. Well, since I was left with little choice, I found a comfortable seat at the restaurant and began my wait. I wasn’t really alone. There were a  few mosquitoes buzzing over, confused over which part of me would be ideal for their morning snack. Since I wanted to do something more fruitful than a battle with the blood suckers, I decided to indulge in the most convenient way to pass time- Facebook.

Ten minutes later, the realization that I might run out of charge on my phone made me reluctantly keep it down. Now there was nothing much left to do. I started looking for other means to “kill time”. Wait. Funny. There was something I heard in church this week. “Who are we to kill time? Where did we get such a concept from? No. We have to use our time wisely.”

Now I had the time to ponder over it. How many times have we tried to find ways to “pass” or “kill” time? Our favorite modus operandi for this is usually just a click away-phones,laptops or television. Though there is nothing obviously harmful about these things, we somehow end up spending more time on them than we intended. Feeling a little guilty over my social media overdoses, I had an App installed that keeps a check on my internet usage. The settings have been arranged such that I can access my social media apps only after 9pm. If I “accidentally” try opening Facebook anytime before 9pm, a bespectacled  granny will pop up on the screen and ask,”what do you think you are doing?!”Now,being an adult, did I really need this? I know many people out there have a better self control. But that is not my case apparently. I find it difficult to “get out” of the virtual social scenario as quickly as I should be. I end up “wasting” a lot of my time.

Since I had nothing much to do as I waited for my friend, a victim of the city’s terrific traffic, I decided to pray. Knowing myself well, if I were to sit simply,my brain will start processing all the problems in life and soon I will find myself overshadowed by worry. “If only we prayed as much as we worried”..this is a familiar phase. Hence I decided to put it into action.I have heard of people praying on the move. Well, since you have a God who can hear your thoughts, it’s really not difficult to pray even when there is a lot of hustle around. It doesn’t come as second nature to me, but I decided to try. Not as difficult as I had conjured it to be. Soon my friend had joined and our endless conversations began.

If only we were more vigilant on how we spent our time. Yes, there are those days when you seem to drown under work and have time for nothing else. Yet we are all guilty of trying to kill time in one way or the other. The best example is the blissful five minutes when we snooze the alarm and pull the blanket tighter. The scariest part of this deal is that we have no idea about how much time we really have. We youngsters assume we have all the time in the world. But do we? Isn’t every day nothing but a gift? What if the Lord decides that death may be allowed to visit you today? Can we say,”hey,just give me a minute..I have a few things to take care of?”..What if Rapture happens today?! A part of me wants to scream and say,”yes! Thank God. This means I don’t have to face that particular situation I was dreading about”. But then there is a very important question to be dealt with- Am I ready to stand in front of the Lord?

Lets be better stewards of our time. Find an activity which is productive. Maybe that workout that helps to get your health back in shape. A few more minutes in prayer. Some more time spent with the neighbor. Maybe a call to that older relative who is staying alone at home. When was the last time you did a Bible study? Did you enjoy the sunset anytime recently? Well…there really are lots we ought to be doing. Also, it is important to separate our periods of rest from simply killing time. After all, we may get convicted of lazy-hearted murder of time in the Higher courts one day. Are we ready for that? 20190305_185803


Nothing but a recipient of Christ's grace. I am a young doctor and I use this space to find meaning in the bedlam of my thoughts. My blog might resonate with the screams of a young adult finding her place in life, the stench of hospital corridors, images of the many people who intrigue me and the lessons my Saviour Jesus teaches me.

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